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South London

Walk in Tattoo Morden

Next Chapter Tattoo & Piercing Studio provides a professional high quality tattoo service in South London. Just a short work from Morden tube station on the Northern Line, meaning we are easily accessible from central London.

Our Work

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sleeve tattoo alex next chapter tattoo studio
Sleeve mandala tattoo
Spartan Leg tattoo South London
Side Rose detailed
Tarantula realistic
mew pokemon arm - Next Chapter
female chest Mandala- Next chapter Tattoo Studio
shoulder tattoo with coloured gem
traditional reaper tattoo by Jero

Tattoo Style

Neo Traditional sleeve by Alex

Neo Traditional Tattoo generally features bold lines, an illustrative look and highly saturated modern colours

Forearm Mandala - Next Chapter

Mandala is a tattoo composed of shapes and symbols that radiate from the center outwards in a circular pattern. 

Alex Forearm skull

Black & Grey Tattoo

A Style of tattoo that only used black ink in varying shades. This style of tattoo ages exceptionally well. 

Most frequent asked questions and answers

We’d prefer you to call or use our web form to make an appointment for a tattoo, however we do take walk ins depending on availability.
You do not need to make an appointment for body piercings as they are done on a walk in basis. 

You must be over 18, and proof of age ID is required if you’re thinking about having a tattoo and you look young for your age! Always bring in valid photo ID with you in the form of a Passport or Driving License just in case you are asked. 

A Small tattoo at our studio will cost anything from £60, large scale projects are charged either by hour or session price.
The total price depends on the final design, the size of the work and the area of the body we are working. The pricing of a tattoo is individual, use our contact form to send an enquiry we’d love to provide you with a quote in advance.

We are well aware that tattoos can be expensive. However, our Artist are trained professionals and the tattoo we provide are priced based on the equipment/ink we use and the  time it takes. We promise to charge fairly for our work, and remember: good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good.

The short answer is yes.
The process of applying a tattoo to your skin is not painless.
The process of applying a tattoo involves a specially designed tattoo needle which pierces through your skin at approximately 10-15 needle drops per second. This is fast enough to avoid puncturing the skin which causes bleeding, but slow enough to avoid tearing your skin.

You are very welcome to bring a single friend or family member with you, but they will have to wait at the front of the studio in the reception area whilst you are being tattooed.
We cannot allow visitors into our treatment areas for health and safety reasons.

We ensure getting a Tattoo is as safe as possible.
Every tool and piece of equipment is sterilized immediately after each tattoo is completed. A lot of our equipment is  disposable.
For example all tattoo needles/cartridges are only ever used once then disposed, they are delivered to us in individual pre-sealed pouches and are opened up in front of you before we start our work.

Our artist will give you advise on how to care for your tattoo after they’ve finished working. As a general rule you will need to protect the tattoo from direct sunlight, avoid prolonged wetness (swimming, bath tubs/hot tubs,etc) and also avoid using petroleum jelly until the tattoo is healed.
We recommend you use the professional tattoo aftercare products which we sell in our studio, these will help your fresh ink heal without complications.

Leg detail work - next chapter tattoo studio

Finance Options

At Next Chapter Tattoo Studio we aim to give our clients the easiest ways to walk away with the tattoo they deserve. 

Ever wanted some new ink but life makes it hard to save for that epic piece?

Ever had to reschedule your booking due to a last-minute knock to the wallet?

Ever been given a quote for your new tattoo and wondered if there was an easier way to pay?

With a very fast 60 second application, financing options from 0% interest are now available at Next Chapter Tattoo studio. Booking and spreading the cost of your new tattoo could not be easier. With as little as a 10% deposit which will be subtracted from your overall tattoo cost.

Finance is available from £50 up to £2500 and can be paid from 1 to 12 months, you choose how long you would like to spread the cost for.. 

T&C’s apply, come and see us to discuss financial options only available from the studio.