Highlights early 2023: Some of our best recent tattoos work

We’ve been busy in early 2023 applying more awesome tattoo’s to our clients. 

We thought it was about time we shared some of our best recent Tattoo work with you on the website! 

Flower of life, black and grey geometric shoulder tattoo

Mandala hand tattoo

Chinese foo dog/komainu tattoo. Full colour on hand. Symbol of prosperity, success and guardianship

Black and grey realistic portrait tattoo on calf of yellawolf.

Polynesian style shoulder to elbow half sleeve

Small trinket fleur-de-lis inner tricep tattoo.

Black and grey grim reaper calf tattoo.

Black and grey rib to thigh floral tattoo.

Full colour pokemon Mewtwo tattoo anime shoulder tattoo

Jolteon Anime Tattoo

Anime tattoos

  Anime tattoos are a form of body art that features characters, scenes, or symbols from popular Japanese animation shows and movies. Anime tattoos have

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