Getting a Tattoo: What you should know

Finding the right Tattoo artist for you:

In today’s world, there are some fantastic artists who all have their own style and specialty when it comes to giving you the perfect tattoo.

  1. Research your artist. Check their website, Instagram, Facebook and Google reviews. You may be looking for a delicate full colour butterfly. If the artists page is full of dark black and grey skulls, they may not be able to accommodate your style to its full potential.
  2. Go and visit your chosen artist at their studio. If they are busy, set up a consultation so that you have a time slot to sit down and discuss your ideas, placement, size etc. It’s very important for the creative process to get your ideas across and bounce ideas off of each other. A face to face consultation is normally free and we get a better understanding of your needs much better than a 2am WhatsApp message or email.
  3. When you’re ready it’s time to book in for this epic new tattoo! It is custom that if your artist is booked up for some time that you’ll need to put down a non refundable deposit/booking fee. This fee usually carries over to the cost of your new tattoo. For example, if your tattoo is quoted at £300, you pay a £100 deposit/booking fee the remaining £200 would be paid on the day of your tattoo.

Why do you have to pay a deposit to get a tattoo?

As artists, we take a non-refundable deposit/booking fee so that we can reserve your booking at your chosen time and date. We can then dedicate our time to researching and drawing up your new tattoo. This is normally done in our free time outside of tattooing at the studio. It can take long periods of time to make sure we are giving you the perfect tattoo design.

  • Don’t be afraid to tell us if you would like to tweak or alter a design, it’s our job, our passion. Tattooing is what we do on a full time basis and we understand sometimes that certain things may need to be altered. We don’t take offence, on the very rare occurrence that something needs changing we will happily do this for you, absolutely no problem at all.
  • Get yourself a selection of different images to show your artist. The more information we have visual or verbal, the easier it is to explain and bounce ideas off of each other for your perfect tattoo design.

The only time this may be an issue is if you requested, during your consultation (for example), a detailed black and grey dragon with lotus flowers. We then send you your drawings and design, specific to your specified size and placement. After receiving the art you then decide you would prefer a squirrel on a motorcycle instead (i.e. something completely different from your original idea). These sorts of massive changes may cost you your booking fee/deposit. Likely you will lose at least part of it to compensate the artist for the hours they spent creating your original tattoo design.

Here are the reasons you could lose your Tattoo deposit:

  • We require 48 hours to reschedule your prearranged booking. If you reschedule inside 48hrs you may forfeit your deposit/booking fee as we won’t have enough time to schedule in another client. This results in a loss of earnings for our artists. We generally plan ahead for appointments and turn people away or book them for later dates once we are fully booked.
  • If you decide you no longer want a tattoo, this is very rare but has happened before. If you decide you no longer want a tattoo your booking fee/deposit will be forfeited to your artist. This is to compensate the time they spent working on your new unwanted design.
  • If you forget your pre-booked date and time and do not show up for your prearranged booking. We can accept a little lateness as this is sometimes unavoidable. However, anything over 30 minutes without notifying us will result in losing the full or part of your booking fee/deposit. In this case, you may have to pay another deposit to book on another available date and time. Especially if we have another client booked in after your session.
  • Any minor changes to the design are absolutely fine and we do not charge for these alterations. However, you may lose your deposit/booking fee if you go in a totally different direction after we have drawn your new tattoo to your specification. Major changes may also require a change of booking date and time if we are unable to draw a completely new design before your prearranged date.
  • Do not turn up to your prearranged booking intoxicated or high, we will cancel your booking and likely not work with you again in the future.

The day of getting your new tattoo is near, here are some guidelines to follow:

  • Get a good night’s sleep the evening before your booking and stay hydrated.
  • Do not drink alcohol 24 hours before your booking, alcohol is a blood thinner and will make our job harder, leading to a longer than expected tattoo application.
  • On the day of your tattoo have a nice big breakfast to help conserve energy, especially if it’s a long sitting.
  • Stock up on snacks, sugary drinks, and water to bring with you to the studio, this will help keep your blood sugar levels high, lessening the chances of fatigue and in some more serious cases fainting. (Although we are fully trained professionals, who know what to do if you feel a little under the weather).
  • Wear comfortable and easily accessible clothing for the area you are receiving your tattoo. If we are tattooing a thigh, going commando and only wearing skinny jeans isn’t going to be appropriate attire. Consider wearing shorts that you can easily change in and out of to make it easier for us to get to the desired location.
  • Tattooing can sometimes be messy so don’t wear your most expensive clothing, unless you are happy to cover them in ink and ruin them forever.
  • It’s sometimes quite tricky to stay in one position for long periods of time. We recommend loading up your phone with music, Netflix, or Prime to keep you occupied during your tattoo appointment. Also, bring headphones, we can lend you some if you have forgotten them.


If you have any further questions about tattoos or getting tattooed then feel free to drop us an email here:, we will be more than happy to help you and answer any questions you have. Also, check out our Tattoo FAQ’s here.

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