Anime tattoos

Jolteon Anime Tattoo

  Anime tattoos are a form of body art that features characters, scenes, or symbols from popular Japanese animation shows and movies. Anime tattoos have become very popular among fans of anime, as well as people who appreciate the art style, the stories, and the emotions that anime convey. The roots of anime tattoos can … Read more

Highlights early 2023: Some of our best recent tattoos work

Next Chapter Tattoo and Piercing Store image Inside

We’ve been busy in early 2023 applying more awesome tattoo’s to our clients.  We thought it was about time we shared some of our best recent Tattoo work with you on the website!  Flower of life, black and grey geometric shoulder tattoo Mandala hand tattoo Chinese foo dog/komainu tattoo. Full colour on hand. Symbol of … Read more

The Best Way to Care for Your New Piercing: Essential Tips from your Trusted Tattoo & Piercing Studio

Multiple ear piercing locations

The Best Way to Care for Your New Piercing: Essential Tips from your Trusted Tattoo & Piercing Studio Congratulations on your new piercing! Whether you’ve opted for a trendy ear piercing or a bold body piercing, it’s essential to prioritise proper aftercare to ensure a safe and healthy healing process. At our reputable tattoo & … Read more

Lip Piercing Locations

How do you Perform Lip piercing? Lip piercing is a popular form of body modification that involves piercing the skin on or around the lips and inserting jewellery to be worn through the piercing. It can be done in several locations on the lip, from the inner lip to around both edges of the lips. … Read more

Ear Piercing Locations

Group of ear piercings

How do you Perform ear piercing? Ear piercing is a popular form of body modification that can be done relatively easily and inexpensively. The most common method of ear piercing is to use a surgical needle to create a small hole in the earlobe. The needle is then removed and replaced with a piece of … Read more

Neo-Traditional Tattoos

Neo Traditional Snake and skull tattoo

What is a Neo-Traditional Tattoo Neo-traditional tattoo is a tattooing style that takes the traditional tattooing style and gives it a modern twist. Neo-traditional tattoos often feature bold lines and bright colours, as well as intricate details and patterns. The tattoo designs are usually more detailed and often have an illustrative quality to them. Neo-traditional … Read more

Realism Tattoo

Tiger Realism Tattoo Example

What is a Realism Tattoo? Realism tattoos are a relatively new style of tattoo that have only become popular in the last few years. As the name suggests, realism tattoos are designed to look as realistic as possible, often recreating images from photographs. They will often feature incredibly lifelike portraits, animals, or other images. Realism … Read more